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Tree removal is not an easy job and it calls for using special techniques, methods and most importantly the best of engineers and equipment. Not many would be able to do a good job of it. However, over the years we have been counted as being one of the most well known and capable professional tree removal companies in the city and surrounding areas. We have a good track record and therefore it makes sense to get in touch with us for such requirements. We have the best possible equipment and infrastructure for felling trees and removing them and making the area clean in all respects. Whether it is chainsaw of different sizes, leg protection equipment, safety glasses, or test ropes of different capacities you can expect that you will get everything from us at all points of time. Further our ability to ensure safety of the surrounding buildings and concrete structures is something which makes our job professional in all respects. If you wish to have a quotation for any type of tree removal services please do contact us. You can be sure that you will get the best quote and our representatives will visit your place, have a close look at it and then take matters forward.

We do not like to focus on our tree removal services but too often it is still a required part of what we do.  When it is necessary our arborists always start and finish the job with safety as the primary concern. There often circumstances where a tree cannot managed safely or it simply cannot be a part of the landscape. In these situations removing the tree becomes the best solution for the property owner.

The top reasons that we will remove trees include:

  • Eliminating dead trees
  • Removing dying trees
  • Getting rid of hazardous trees
  • Providing more light
  • Opening up spaces
  • Allowing other plants to thrive
  • Making room for new construction
  • Providing clearances for structures

We always emphasize, property owners should not try to remove trees on their own. Taking on a project like that on your own can be incredibly dangerous and ultimately more costly than hiring a professional.  Our tree removal specialists are trained to work in tight spaces, protect homes and other structures and work around power lines and other difficult areas.

Further, once the tree itself has been removed we make sure that the area is professionally cleaned and ready to thrive. As conservationists we are mindful to minimize the impact the surrounding area and remaining vegetation.

Before we do any tree removal work we want to property owners to understand that at the end of the process there will be a stump. That seems obvious but we want our clients to have a plan for what they want to do with it.  We always work to cut the stump as close to the ground as possible. However, this could still be a potential hazard or simply unsightly.  In the cases where it is necessary we will remove the stump but we caution that this can be a more complicated process than most property owners are initially aware of.  Typically the process involves bringing in industrial stump grinding equipment. This adds to the time and cost of doing the entire job well.  Normally, we will grind a stump about six inches under the ground level surface.  If there are obvious root systems above the ground or close to it we will discuss these with our clients as well before we start to remove the tree. And as an issue of conservation, we want our clients to be aware that a normal stump can sometimes produce a small truckload of wood chips. When possible we like to be able to work these back in the landscape but in cases where we cannot we make other arrangements.

The most critical part of any tree removal is safety.  Over the years we have worked to refine our safety policies and procedures.  This applies in several ways:

  • We want all of our employees to go home healthy and safe at the end of each day.
  • We value our client’s property and want our services to increase the beauty and safety of their property.
  • We value our clients’ absolute safety while we are working on their property.

We are continually working with our arborists to maintain their safety training and equipment. If at any time there are questions or concerns they understand the value of slowing down and even calling our management and executives for additional help, expertise and perspective on the problem.

The foundation of safety policy is prevention. Our training programs work with our arborists to make this a mental attitude. In each job situation we perform for our client each step of the process has a safety check. These checks are built into our processes because maintaining a safe environment on our jobs is absolutely critical.

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