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Stump Grinding

You could have cut and removed a big tree, but you also must ensure that the stump of the tree does not jut out from the ground. We specialize in tree stump removal; regardless of whether it is after a tree removal process or the stump has been in place for a long time.  It could lead to accidents and also make the place unsuitable for other use. It is therefore important to ensure that the stump is ground properly and evened out. This is not an easy job and cannot be done by the customers themselves. We can help in this job because we believe that we have the expertise and experience. We have been in this line of business for many years now. Over the past many years, dozens of stump grinding jobs have been completed by us successfully. We use the most modern grinding techniques including use of quality stump remover. We follow proven tips and methods by which this can be made possible. You can be sure that within a few weeks you will see the best of results and the stump would not be visible to the naked eye. Our experienced staff and technicians are there to help in this matter and therefore we would request you to get in touch with us. We are sure you will get quality services at competitive rates from us.

Once a tree has been cut down there is still work do depending on the property owner’s thoughts about the stump. Stumps can cause hazards and or sometimes they are simply unattractive in the landscape. In those cases, the stump needs to be completely removed.  Other reasons include:

  • Potential new tree growth
  • Attract insects and pests
  • Create a home for plant diseases

There are several considerations for the complexity and cost of removing a stump:

  • Diameter of the stump. Obviously larger stumps are more expensive jobs.
  • Age of the stump. Older stumps are typically easier to grind down.
  • Soil condition surrounding the stump. Rocky soil can be a hazard and incur more costs.
  • Type of tree. Naturally some woods are harder than others and more difficult to grind.
  • Root system connected to the stump. Simpler and smaller root systems are generally easier to remove.
  • Total cleanup after the stump is removed.

Professional stump grinding is actually a pretty awesome process. It is fast, efficient and environmentally conservation friendly. Our industrial stump grinders have strong carbide teeth that run on a belt and turn stumps and significant roots into mulch and wood chips.

Often, we’ve had clients who have tried to take on the removing a stump by themselves. This can look like a fairly simple task, either digging out a stump or trying to use tools like chainsaws, and turn into a significant project. In other circumstances where our clients have access to significantly powerful equipment they’ve found that misusing it can cause costly damage to the equipment.  The risk can also be larger than originally perceived because unprofessional grounding can lead to damaged homes, barns and other plant systems. Unfortunately we’ve seen homeowners who took matters into their own hands damage utility lines as well. And lastly, we want our clients to remain safe and there are certainly circumstances where a stump removal project gone wrong could lead to incredibly serious injuries or worse.

We also caution against using chemicals and burning the stump. These processes are not always clean or safe for obvious reasons and they do not remove the entire stump. So even then, you will still need to do some serious work to get the remaining stump out of the ground.

Once the process is complete we will need to decide what to do with the wood chips. There are several common options:

  • We can work to include the wood chips in your current landscaping.
  • If your city allows for it we can arrange to dispose of the wood chips in your green waste program.
  • Package the wood chips for you to offer to friends and neighbors for their landscaping.

If we need to take your wood chips to a separate facility that will incur additional costs to the job.

Lastly, property owners need to consider what they want to do with the space where the stump used to be. The two most common answers are to fill it in for grass space or use it for a more involved landscape feature.

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